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Demonstration version available for downloading here

MTDATA has long been one of the world's foremost thermochemical modelling packages. Developed at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) it has proved itself over many years of use in solving practical problems such as the optimisation of pyrometallurgical processes.

WinMT Screenshot

WinMT combines the power and reliability of MTDATA with the ease of use and versatility of Windows. This allows you to benefit from the opportunities for improved process control and understanding that MTDATA offers without devoting time to learning how to use the software.

Features of WinMT include:

  • Automatic calculation of binary and ternary phase diagrams
  • Full support for Windows printing operations
  • Wide range of phase types
  • Fully 32-bit, for speed and reliability
  • Flexible and powerful database management
  • The most reliable equilibrium calculations available
  • Access to a wide range of critically assessed thermodynamic data
  • Access to the character interface of 'classic' MTDATA if desired
  • Developed by the National Physical Laboratory, the UK's national measurement standards laboratory

WinMT has been designed to take full advantage of the Windows interface, using a fully 32-bit optimising compiler. With just a few simple clicks of the mouse you can calculate a phase diagram, compute a series of complex equilibria, or examine the thermochemical properties of multicomponent industrial alloys. Typical screen shots are shown below.

All the benefits that Windows bestows, such as context-sensitive help, multi-tasking and print formatting are automatically available. Windows standards of consistency and compatibility means that WinMT is as intuitive and accessible for occasional users as it is for regular users.

WinMT incorporates high quality databases which have been compiled by NPL and through collaboration within SGTE.

Help about using WinMT can be found by following this link.

Note for Microsoft VISTA users: MicroSoft no longer includes within Vista the Windows Help (WinHlp32.exe) program used to display the help file used by WinMT. This program may however be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

WinMT - Screen Shots

A typical WinMT session

MTDATA for Windows screen shot

A binary diagram plotted using WinMT

MTDATA for Windows screen shot

A ternary diagram plotted using WinMT

MTDATA for Windows screen shot


Updated 13 March 2009