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MTDATA Software

NPL provides a number of different software products within the MTDATA family:

  • A high performance version with a standard much loved character interface available for Windows or Linux based computers. Versions are available which allow command line recall and text scrolling
  • A fully functioning Windows version WinMT. You can view a non-technical demonstration on how to use this version of MTDATA. Please click here for typical screenshots when using WinMT.
  • MTDATA Studio offering high quality graphical output which can be integrated within common Windows applications. It also offers sophisticated temperature-composition phase boundary technology
  • MTDATA Launchpad offering access to the full MTDATA capability smoothly integrating MTDATA Studio and the high performance version from within an easy to use intuitive graphical user interface. This allows multiple MTDATA jobs to be submitted allowing access to the full multi-processor capability of modern PCs and workstations
  • MTDATA Application Programming Interface implemented as a dll under Windows and linkable object files under Linux
  • A range of "Virtual Measurement Systems" for various types of materials, software tools developed to make the predictions of key thermophysical properties associated with solidification of commercially specified materials

The current released version of MTDATA is 4.81. MTDATA can be downloaded from the NPL web site by the following this link. For installation please follow the link given in this document. Please click here for an overview of the types of calculations you can carry out with MTDATA.

NPL offers a number of different databases for a wide variety of materials eg

  • Substances - SGTE Pure Substance Database for over 4200 pure substances and gaseous species
  • Alloys - SGTE Solution Database and databases for specific classes of alloys
  • Solders - databases for solders either developed solely at NPL or created through European project COST531
  • Aqueous Solutions - ranging from industrial strength high temperature aqueous systems to implementations of public domain databases for nuclear and environmental modelling
  • Oxide - Comprehensive databases for a variety of oxides, mattes and metallic phases used for pyrometallurgy and glass making
  • Salts - containing data for more than 90 binary systems
  • Cements - A database for the modelling of ordinary Portland cement (OPC) based materials and their behaviour in contact with various atmospheric and aqueous environments

For more details and a complete list of databases please click here

Download MTDATA here .


Updated 24 November 2008