MTDATA – Phase Diagram Software from the National Physical Laboratory









High Performance MTDATA

The MTDATA family contains a number of software products which may be used to calculate chemical and phase equilibria. Most of these use intuitive graphical user interfaces to allow the users to set up calculations easily and reliably. Unfortunately these versions tend to be limited either in terms of the range of calculations they offer or in terms of the speed of the calculations, or both. The High Performance Version of MTDATA utilises a Command Line Processor to provide access to the full capability of MTDATA and Fortran compilers optimised to provide the very best in terms of calculation speed. The software can be operated interactively or in batch mode via the macro facility. Versions are available for the Windows environment and for Linux.

Particularly useful features include command line recall (ie the ability to use the keyboard arrow keys to recall and edit a previous command) and a scrollable window to display previous calculations and information obtained during the current MTDATA session.

The power of this High Performance MTDATA is utilised to its full potential within MTDATA Launchpad which allows multiple High Performance jobs to be submitted.


Updated 13 November 2008