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Materials Specific Databases for use with MTDATA

    MTAL - The NPL Aluminium Database

This database is designed to allow calculations of phase equilibria to be carried out in Al-base alloys. At present the released version of MTAL (version 5) allows calculations in the 7 component system:

  • Al-Fe-Mg-Mn-Si-Cu-Zn

and it is being extended incrementally with the addition of Ti, Ni and Cr.

The database includes pressure dependence of the Gibbs energy which allows calculations of the density and the effect of pressure on the phase diagram.

    TCFE - The TCAB Database for Steels

This database has been developed by Thermo-Calc Software AB in conjunction with the CAMPADA project at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, KTH. It is based on the TC-FE92 database and includes new assessments carried out up to 1998 for systems relevant to steels.

The following system is covered:

  • Al-B-C-Co-Cr-Cu-Fe-Mg-Mn-Mo-N-Nb-Ni-O-P-S-Si-Ti-V-W

and it is based on the complete set of critical assessments of binary and a large number of relevant ternary assessments with special emphasis on some higher order systems in the iron rich corner. The database is however eminently suitable for calculations in the iron rich corner with a Fe minimum of 50wt %. It has been translated and tested for use with MTDATA.

    MTSOLDERS - The NPL Database for Solders

This database is designed for use in the calculation of phase equilibria involving solders and other low melting alloy systems. Alloys containing the following elements may be considered:

  • Ag, Al, Au, Bi, Cu, Ge, In, Pb, Sb, Si, Sn, Zn

The database contains critically assessed thermodynamic data for the 12 elements, all except one (Au-Zn) of the 66 binary systems and five ternary systems (Ag-Cu-Pb, Al-Cu-Si, Al-Sn-Zn, Au-In-Pb and Bi-In-Pb). The database may be used to make predictions of liquidus temperatures and phase equilibria in systems containing these elements but the results are likely to most reliable close to the binary and ternary systems covered explicitly by the database. The database is valid for temperatures between 50 C and 1000 C.

    SOLDERS - Database for Lead Free Solders

This database was created as part of the European collaborative project COST531. It is a self-consistent thermodynamic database for lead-free solder materials and substrates and contains critically assessed thermodynamic parameters for more than 50 binary systems collected from the literature or provided directly by a programme of experimental and assessment work as part of the COST action. These data were supplemented by parameters for ternary systems to provide a self-consistent thermodynamic database.The database has been tested thoroughly using a variety of proprietary software to ensure its portability.

The database covers the following 11 elements

  • Ag, Au, Bi, Cu, In, Ni, Pb, Pd, Sb, Sn, Zn

Please click here for binary phase diagrams calculated using the solders database. Details about the critical assessments and calculations carried out using the database have been published as an Atlas of Phase Diagrams for Lead-Free Soldering

    MTSEMI - The NPL Semiconductor Database

This database contains data for condensed phases and gaseous species for system: Al-As-Ga-In-P-Sb and will allow exploration of the conditions appropriate for the formation of the zincblend phase by chemical vapour deposition processes.

The data have been gleaned from the literature. The data for the elements are from the SGTE Unary Database and data for binary condensed phases eg liquid, zincblend, fcc, rhombo_a7 (94Ans). Data for the ternary systems are taken from a number of sources; Ga-In-Sb from Yang and Watson (94Yan), Ga-In-P, Al-As-Ga, Al-Ga-Sb, Al-In-Sb, As-Ga-Sb, As-In-Sb, As-Ga,P, Ga-P-Sb, As-In-P, In-P-Sb, Al-As-In, As-Ga-P, Ga,P-Sb, As-In-P, In-P-Sb, Al-Ga-P, Al-In-P, As-Ga-In, Al-As-P, Al-P-Sb, Al-As-Sb and As-P-Sb (98Zha) and Al-Ga-In (78Ans).

    MTFEDLSL - The NPL Dilute Solution Database for Fe

This database contains data for the dilute solution of 26 elements in liquid iron modified according to the modified Wagner model. It can be used in conjunction with SGSUB or with NPLOX to calculate the solubility of trace elements in liquid iron in equilibrium with a gas phase or a slag.


Updated 16 June 2008