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Download MTDATA Software and Databases

MTDATA for Windows Version 4.81

Please note that the downloads on this page are only for licensed users of MTDATA. If you would like to download the evaluation version of MTDATA for Windows please see this page.

Download Here: MTDATA File MTDATA for Windows 4.81 (3.1 MB)

Please read the instructions for downloading software page for more details, or contact Hugh Davies or Jim Robinson if you have any problems.

MTDATA Databases

Please see here for instructions for downloading and updating databases, then follow the links below to download the required databases.

Further information about individual databases can be found on the MTDATA database pages.

Please note that these databases contain data only, and can only be used with fully licensed versions of MTDATA for Windows or MTDATA for PC Version 4.61 or later. Databases for use with the demonstration version of MTDATA for Windows are included in the setup program and do not need to be downloaded separately.

To download portable databases for use with non-PC versions of MTDATA do not follow the links below, but go to the MTDATA FTP site using the link below.

All these files are self-extracting zip files. They have been scanned for viruses by McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 7.1.0.

Please note that currently all the database versions available for download below are included in the setup program for MTDATA for Windows 4.81, and so do not need to be downloaded separately.

    Database Title Version Size
    MTDATA File SGSOL SGTE Solution Database 4.3 380 KB
        SGSUB SGTE Substance Database 12.1  
        SGORG SGTE Substance Database, Organic Supplement 10.0  
    MTDATA File SGTBC SGTE Thermal Barrier Coating Database 1.0 137 KB
    MTDATA File MTSOLDERS NPL Database for Solders 2.3 76 KB
    MTDATA File SOLDERS Database for Lead Free Solders (COST531) 1.0 175 KB
    MTDATA File MTAL NPL Aluminium Database 4.0 74 KB
    MTDATA File MTSEMI NPL Semiconductor Database 1.01 48 KB
    MTDATA File TCFE TCAB Database for Steels 1.0 246 KB
    MTDATA File MTFEDLSL NPL Dilute Solution Database for Fe 2.0 48 KB
    MTDATA File SALTS NPL Salts Database 2.0 75 KB
        AQDATA Database for Ideal Aqueous Species 1.2  
        AQEXTRAS Data for Conventional Aqueous Electron 1.0  
        HOTAQ Database for Ideal Aqueous System 'Fe,Cr,Ni,C,S,H,O,/-' 1.0  
        MTCHVAL CHEMVAL Version 6 - MTDATA Implementation 1.2  
        MTSPCRT Supercrit OCT-98 - MTDATA Implementation 1.3  
    MTDATA File NPLOX2 NPL Database for CaO-MgO-Fe-O-Al2O3-SiO2 System 1.0 63 KB
    MTDATA File NPLOX3 NPL Database for Na2O-CaO-MgO-Fe-O-Al2O3-SiO2 System 1.0 237 KB
    MTDATA File MTDEMO MTDATA Demonstration Database 2.1b 67 KB
    MTDATA File UNARY SGTE Unary Database 4.4 69 KB

MTDATA for PC Version 4.81

This is the high performance character based version and is only recommended for advanced users.

Download Here: MTDATA File MTDATA for PC 4.81 (5.1 MB)

It is recommended that you download this file to your PC before running it, by right-clicking on the link and selecting the menu item Save Target As....

For information about installing this version please contact Hugh Davies or Jim Robinson.


If you encounter any problems with any of the links on this page, please contact Jim Robinson.


Updated 12 June 2009