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MTDATA Command Line Processor

MTDATA calculations can be set up via graphical user interfaces developed for WinMT, MTDATA Studio or MTDATA Launchpad or through the more convential, but powerful MTDATA command line processor. The benefits of using this command line processor are that it provides access to all the features and capabilities of MTDATA and can be operated interactively or in batch mode via the macro facility. The MTDATA Command Line Processor is based around a suite of related modules which retrieve thermodynamic data from databases and perform specified calculations on the data. This page and links from it shows how many different types of MTDATA calculation can be carried out in this way.

A knowledge of phase equilibria is fundamental to the understanding of problems in metallurgy, materials science and chemistry faced by industry and government. Almost by definition these problems tend to be complex in nature, involving the interaction of many elements and phases. An experimental exploration of the potential range of compositions and conditions is likely to be very expensive and time consuming. This is where a thermodynamic approach offers great benefits.

The principle of calculating phase equilibria from a knowledge of the Gibbs energies of the subsystems of multicomponent systems is well established. MTDATA is an integrated system that embodies this principle and incorporates a number of software modules for the manipulation of the data, evaluation of thermodynamic functions and the plotting of results.

The resolution of some of the diagrams in this demonstration may not be as good as would be obtained in a normal MTDATA session. This is because graphics file sizes here have been kept as small as possible to allow reasonable transfer times.



Updated 11 December 2008