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The following paper is our most recent publication describing MTDATA. This paper describes in detail the facilities available in MTDATA and the theory behind the calculations. If you wish to cite a paper referring to MTDATA you should use this reference.

MTDATA - Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibrium Software from the National Physical Laboratory

Davies R H, Dinsdale A T, Gisby J A, Robinson J A J, Martin S M, CALPHAD, 2002, 26(2), pp. 229-271.

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Other papers covering work involving MTDATA

Theoretical study of steam grown oxides as a function of temperature, pressure and p(O2)

Davies R H, Dinsdale A T, Special issue of Materials at High Temperatures

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The prediction of thermophysical properties of steels and slags

Robinson J A J, Dinsdale A T, Quested P N, 2nd International Congress on the Science and Technology of Steelmaking, University of Wales, Swansea, ISBN 1-86125-146-7, April 2001.

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Comprehensive lists of references relating to MTDATA are also available

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